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Sunday, May 05, 2024

Vienna and other random updates

Pixlr_20240505163009286 (1)Sunday Funday. And as usual I question how another week has already gone by again? My work week went alright I suppose. It's always a bit of a challenge getting used to my work schedule, working from 1.30-2pm to 10-10.30pm. But once you get used to the routine it's really not so bad. The weather was very nice the beginning of the week so I enjoyed my mornings going for walks with my mom, sitting outside etc. Also had lunch with my aunt at a fun place on Thursday and at a delicious Asian restaurant on Saturday. 

Friday the weather took a bit of a turn. Much cooler and rainy. Which of course was the day I went into Vienna to meet up with a friend. But hardly the end of the world. Had lunch at a neat Greek place by the Graben in Vienna and from there ventured to the Loos Bar and on to Kruger's Cocktail Bar. Definitely a fun afternoon and always nice to hang out with Lydia. 

Saturday I met up with my aunt for lunch and the afternoon turned out to be super beautiful & sunny so was perfect for a walk with my mom and to sit outside for a while. Today, Sunday, I met up with my friend Stefan as they invited me over for Sunday breakfast to their house. Was great to meet his wife Jasmin and see their kids again. Lovely home and a fun morning. Came home just in time for lunch and spent the afternoon with my mom watching a Rosamunde Pilcher movie. Now just hanging out catching up on some things. 

Tomorrow is Monday again and the start of another work week. I took Friday off again, going to head back into Vienna to meet up with 2 more friends. And Saturday I think we will do lunch with my aunt & mom. Saturday is also the Eurovision Song Contest which should be fun to watch. First time in ages watching it in real time. I do usually watch it in the US but with the time difference it means watching in the afternoon rather than late evening into the night. And Sunday is Mother's Day and then Monday (13th) I will already be off towards NY/CT again. Yup time just flies and flies. 

Mail Update: Letters went out last Friday to: Celia/AZ and Nina/WA. Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada.

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