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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Goodbye Europe .. until we meet again

IMG_20240511_213057_994And here we are, it's Sunday again and tomorrow I am on a plane back to the US. I have no idea where the last three IMG_20240511_212440_796 and a half weeks went and how time can fly by that fast. This has been the longest period of time I have been in Europe in one stretch since I moved away but it still flew by. 

This past week I worked Monday through Thursday so my days typically included time with my mom in the mornings, breakfast, going for a walk, some TV, lunch and maybe another walk before starting to work around 2pm. Wednesday her speech therapist also came by. 

Friday I took the day off again and went back into Vienna. This time I met up with my friend Andrea for lunch. Went to a delicious Italian restaurant where I had pizza with tuna. And afterwards had some time to leisurely stroll along Mariahilferstrasse (big shopping street). Got myself some gelato and eventually just continued strolling until I reached Wien Mitte where I met up with Claudia at 5.30pm. After getting a drink we continued on to have dinner at an Indian restaurant close by. And then had a couple of drinks at Cafe Rochus before eventually heading back. 

Saturday we went out for lunch with my mom, aunt and our neighbors as well as my mom's aid Anka. Had a nice lunch sitting outside and afterwards spent some more time with my mom in the afternoon sitting outside. Been having some nice weather so really can't complain too much. In the evening I watched the Eurovision Song Contest which was fun to watch live for a change. Had to stay up till 1am but was still fun to be able to watch live. And I do like the Swiss entry quite a bit so I am happy they won. The whole contest was a bit of a mess this year with all of the Israel protests and the last minute Dutch entry qualification. But it was still fun to watch.  

Today, Sunday is Mother's Day. No big plans. Just spending a quiet day before the airport transfer picks me up at 4.15am tomorrow. Went for a walk with my mom earlier and will likely go for another one in the afternoon. Had a nice lunch and watching some TV now. Also managed to pack all my stuff. God knows how heavy the suitcase is so I may still be in for a surprise but at least everything is all in there so that's something anyway. 

Mail Update: Letters went out last Friday to: Celia/AZ and Nina/WA. Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada.

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