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Monday, April 29, 2024

Amsterdam Recap

IMG_20240422_221001_841 IMG_20240422_221539_096 IMG_20240423_201710_873Time is flying but I wouldn't expect anything less. Already another whole week gone by. IMG_20240423_202401_158

Sunday, April 21st, I took the night train to Amsterdam from St. Poelten. All in all it was a pretty good journey. Left around 8.40pm I think and arrived in Amsterdam a little before 10am Monday morning. My friend Esther met me at the train station and we dropped off my larger back bag in a locker before venturing out. When I first arrived there was a bit of a drizzle but it cleared up relatively quickly. Had fun wandering around, just taking in the scenery and taking a lot of photos. Had a delicious lunch at a cafe. I had savory pancakes with ham & cheese that were pretty delicious. And to make things even more fun the cafe had a resident cat named Lola who was hanging out, climbing into people's shopping bags and just being adorable.  :)

After lunch we headed over to the Anne Frank House where we had our time slot at 1:15pm. I am glad that we went especially after I had just re-read the dairy recently (in anticipation of the upcoming trip) so it was all still very fresh in my mind. But it was definitely a somber visit.

Afterwards we wandered around a bit more, taking more pictures. The sun had also come out which made things even nicer. Also sat down in a cafe for some drinks but of course the sun decided to disappear the minute we sat down outside but it was still a welcome break. Afterwards we headed back to Central Station to pick up my bag and then took the ferry to go to Esther's house. Was nice to see her husband again and also to meet her daughter Daphne. Had a lovely stay with them and their 3 cats. :)

Tuesday Esther & I headed to Zaane Schans.Historic windmills and distinctive green wooden houses were relocated here to recreate the look of an 18th/19th-century village. So pretty. Walked around there for a while taking a lot of pictures and browsing the cute shops. Bought some chocolates as well as a variety of mustard to take home. Afterwards we drove to Keukenhof for the tulips. Never seen so many tulips in so many colors all in one place. Super pretty. It of course was rather busy considering the place is only open for 6 weeks per year but had a lot of fun. And the weather cooperated pretty much the whole day and also started raining on our drive back home.

Wednesday was a bit of a mixed bag weather-wise. Headed back to Central Station and took a tram from there to the Van Gogh Museum where I had a 11am time slot. Enjoyed the museum and afterwards headed for lunch (got to try Bitterballen - a very Dutch dish) and then had a couple of drinks at the Hard Rock. From there I walked back to Central Station to meet Esther & Daphne. The weather changed between sun & pouring rain numerous throughout the day. Esther, Daphne and I took a canal cruise to end the day. Even though the weather was iffy and the windows of the boat were a bit fogged up at times it was still a fun experience.

Thursday morning I took the train back and after 12 hours (with a stop in Cologne) I arrived back in St. Poelten. Well with a 30 minute delay but for a 12 hour journey it honestly a half hour delay doesn't really even matter much anymore.

Mail Update: Letters will go out soon-ish to: Celia/AZ and Nina/WA. Received a letter from/owe a response to: Kimber/Canada.

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