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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Weird Mood

OliverchairHad a good day off yesterday. I set the alarm for 9:45 but of course didn't make it out of bed until about 11:30. After some internet surfing and talking to my mom I decided to do something useful and actually managed to write 4 letters. I didn't get around to reading, playing the Sims or cleaning out anything .. but hey, at least I got something done. :)

Today was another crazy day at work. Was two people short again, trying to multi-task, sitting with the new girl, covering a few different desks at the same time ... just lots going on all at once. At least the day flew by fairly quickly and we managed to leave around 5 which was nice for a change.

After we got home and had dinner we decided to watch some stuff we had recorded on TV. We watched a Saturday Night Live Special about the 5 first years of SNL. And somehow during watching that show my mood changed. I hate when I am all of a sudden in a weird mood with no real explanation. I feel sort of blue ... for no real reason. I hate when I start to think too much, analyze life too much and worry about things for no good reason. I am sure I'll snap out of it sooner or later, for now I am going to curl up with my cat Ollie.

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