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Friday, November 05, 2004

Now that some time has passed ...

Electoral_2 ... and I've calmed down a bit I can make a post about the past elections.

I am not a Bush supporter by all means and I can't believe that this country has re-elected him for another FOUR YEARS. I simply cannot understand that people are not realizing how horrible he is for the country. We've lost more jobs than ever before, the economy is bad, we're fighting a war we shouldn't be fighting, the country has a huge debt, he's not paying any attention to enviromental issues .... I can't even think of all the things that are bad on the top of my head.

The only good thingElectoral2 about this (and there really aren't many good things) is that we are surrounded by other Democratic states that feel the same way. Looking at the map you can see that CT is surrounded by a sea of blue.  At least the people around us have some common sense - thank god. I read an article in the NY Times that talked about the shock that a lot of New Yorkers experienced when Bush got re-elected. In both Manhattan and the Bronx, Bush only received 16.7 percent of the vote.

One person was quoted as saying that New York is an island of the coast of Europe. :) I think that's my favorite quote yet. I am going to remember that and tell anyone that asks me how I can live in a country that elected Bush TWO times. I really think it's embarrassing to admit that he won yet again.

The only hope that remains is that he might change some of his policies and start to understand how divided the country is. Maybe he will start to pay some more attention to the views of the people that didn't vote for him. I really can't picture it but I am hoping he will - it would be the smart thing to do.

I apologize to anyone that I might have offended with this post. I am not a hugely political person usually but I definitely have very strong feelings on this subject and Mr. Bush.

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If its any consolation Bush was not a popular choice in the UK either. Infact discussing this with most people, they were hoping that Kerry would win, because it might knock some sense into our own prime minister. I think the UK election next year is going to be a very similar state of affairs...

Posted by: jo | Nov 6, 2004 11:49:52 AM

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