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Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm back :)

I know I haven't posted anything in ages but I was so busy during my friend's visit. We had so much planned and I never really had a chance to update my weblog so I'll try and combine everything in this post to update everyone. :)

Thursday, October 21st: Went to pick up Joanne from JFK Airport, she arrrived around 9 pm.

Saturday, October 23rd: Went to Essex, CT for a true New England fall experience, riding the Essex steam train and riverboat. The train runs along the CT river and was a really neat experience. The weather was kind of cloudy and cold but we still had some very pretty views and foliage. I love fall and all the pretty colors.
After we got back we went to Jim Barbarie's restaurant for a very yummy pre-birthday dinner. My parents had sent me some money so we enjoyed a very delicious meal. Yum. :)

Sunday, October 24th: My birthday. :) Turned 25 - wow I'm getting old. :)
Went out for breakfast and then headed up to South Deerfield, MA to the Yankee Candle Flagship Store. I am absolutely in love with Yankee Candle and that store is pure heaven for any candle lover. It's huge and really nicely designed. They have tons of pretty stuff and even a new home/kitchen/bath & bed section - so cool.
Spent the rest of my birthday money that my parents sent (thanks *g*) and then headed back to Danbury for a small get-together at our local favorite bar TK's. It's always nice to go there for your birthday as they give you free birthday wings - yum. I have a feeling as I get older it will be harder and harder to eat all those wings. :)
Just to mention a few great gifts I received for my birthday: Stationery, chocolate, perfume, a picture frame and a rocking chair from Mike. Yes, a rocking chair. :) I've always wanted one so I think that's very cool. I'll post pictures soon - promise.

Monday, October 25th: Took the day off from work and went shopping with Joanne at the local mall. We had lunch at Uno's Pizzeria and spent the afternoon browsing the various shops. Lots of fun as always of course.

Wednesday, October 27th: Took another day off from work and headed down to NYC on the train together with Joanne and my other friend Sharon. Enjoyed a beautiful fall day roaming around Central Park, exploring all the different floors at Macy's, relaxing in Bryant Park and walking around the library. We met up with Mike for dinner in the Village at our favorite pizza place Arturo's. Yum. :)

Thursday, October 28th: Had to go to work but met up with Sharon and Joanne for dinner at Applebee's. After dinner we carved our pumpkin and played some Trivial Pursuit.

Saturday, October 30th: Went out for breakfast and then headed to Harrisburg, PA for a Rockapella concert. Joanne had never seen them live before so we took the opportunity to see them while she was here. It was a charity event and the tickets were a little higher priced than usual which meant that there weren't as many people there as usual. We had great seats though and enjoyed a really good show. Didn't get back home until about 2 am Sunday morning though.

Sunday, October 31: Got up late, had some breakfast and then went to Blue Jay Orchards and bought some apple cider, home made apple sauce and apple cider donuts. True New England fall food - very yummy. :)
Dressed up as a witch in the evening to hand out the candy for the trick or treaters. We actually had a very low turnout this year (seems to vary a lot every year) - but leftover candy is never a bad thing. :)

Monday, November 1: Joanne's day to go back home. Her flight left around 10:50 pm from JFK Airport.
Let's hope she comes back soon.

So you can see why I haven't posted anything in a while - busy busy.
Ever since Joanne left work has turned into a big mess yet again as well. One employee is no longer with us so I am back to hiring, hoping for some good resumes to come in. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. We shall see.

Hope everybody is doing ok and I promise to post more regularly from now on.

PS: Take a look at my photo album to see some pictures from Joanne's visit. :)

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And what fun it was!! Thanks Mike and Hanna for being (as usual) great hosts!!

I am still catching up on the jetlag, but oh well...the trip was worth it!!

Posted by: jo | Nov 5, 2004 3:00:46 PM

Thanks for sharing your pictures. And I'm glad the visit went well.


Posted by: Cassie-b | Nov 5, 2004 5:06:51 PM

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